Arcangeli Grocery Co / Norm's Market

Garlic Herb Sourdough

  • Our most popular bread is a beautiful blend of fresh garlic, parmesan cheese and Italian spices mixed into a Country Sourdough and topped with a buttery garlic sauce. It's baked just long enough to have a nice, light crispy crust.
  • Great with any meal or just by itself. Try breaking off pieces and dunking it in one of our Bread Dippers for a wonderful appetizer! Also Available in our Pescadero Bread Sampler pack.

    Ingredients:Wheat flour, wheat sour starter, wheat gluten, vegetable and olive oil,malt,soy oil, Italina spices, parmesan cheese, water, herbs, garlic, salt, corn meal, yeast, yeast nutrients, dough conditioner
  • $7.99