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Best Bread Ever

Contributed by Archangeli Customer on December 22, 2016 0 Comments Greetings!
I placed an order online on December 14, 2016. I received the box filled with deliciousness today! My husband and I used to live in Folsom and his son attends UC Santa Cruz. Once we discovered your awesome store we looked for reasons to head to the coast! We'd stop by to get a couple of loaves of your pesto artichoke bread, so fresh sliced salami and we'd head to the coast to do some hiking. We''d stop and nosh on the bread and salami ... Talk about amazing memories!! We have since relocated to East Tennessee. I was THRILLED to learn you ship your products! We'll be sharing these delicious loaves with family during the Christmas Holidays, and, we're having bread and salami for dinner tonight!
Thank you soooo much!!
With gratitude,
Carol Blickenstorfer

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