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Wonderful Christmas gifts

Contributed by Tyson Johnson on January 16, 2016 0 Comments
Thank you for delivering your top quality breads, sauces & cinnamon rolls to my family for Christmas.  They/You were a HUGE hit and established as “the” Christmas gift to expect in years to come.  

Everyone loved sharing with their friends|family @ impromptu gatherings & parties.  The almost baked state of the bread makes it a perfect food to bring to potluck gatherings.  My mother said her whole building smelled delicious & 1 loaf of bread was immediately shared with curious neighbors.

I had the pleasure of discovering your fantastic bread firsthand on a Highway 1 road trip this June, ripping into the Warm Artichoke Garlic bread in my car, my 1st thought was “I want to share this”, so I kept your brochure et voila; Christmas gifts were easily selected & shipped via your website.

I really appreciate your hard work and quality; it does not go unnoticed.

Happy, Healthy New Year,


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