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Love that is Arcangeli bread!

Contributed by Archangeli Customer on April 20, 2012 0 Comments

When I learned that I had an opportunity to go to Santa Cruz after more than 15 years absent, I was thrilled. After having grown up in the mountains and hills, after having come to know many of the local rangers and park volunteers, after having volunteered myself, it was a real treat to be able to come back home.And the smell of the bread in Norm's market in Pescadero was a big part of that. After a long day at Bean Hollow and Butano, I would make my way to town to enjoy the local scene.

Saturday morning of my visit I hurt my shoulder bad enough to have to cut my trip short. I was not able to make it up coast to Pescadero. I was quite sad to say the least. But then I discovered your online store! And I ordered my favorite breads and a few other items. They arrived quicker than expected and opening the box was like opening the door to the store. My office mates were jealous and hungry. A hearty thank you from a past hill-stomper - so glad to be able to get your breads delivered to my door and to share the love that is Arcangeli bread!


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