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Yummy Artichoke Bread

Contributed by Archangeli Customer on December 01, 2014 0 Comments

f you ever need to be in pescadaro for anything it's usually for duarte's tavern and this awesome market. it's a small quaint little place but there is so much going on here. they have top notch produce, meats, grocery, dairy and some kick ass gourmet items. this is one of those stores i can spend way too much time looking at each and every item in the store.

if your an olive fan this is the place for you. i have never seen so many unusual kinds of marinated and stuffed olives. the ones that caught my eye were the jamaican jerk, greek lemon, habenero and garlic and pepper jack garlic stuffed olives. they have so many more to choose from your level of heartburn may very.

now i'm a big dipper so i love sauces, marinades and topping and they have too many to choose from. as most of you know these gourmet greats can be pricey so i have to be careful. as you can see from this brief list it's hard.

apricot ginger teriyaki glaze
ginger wasabi sauce
artichoke walnut pasta sauce
champagne honey mustard dressing
brown sugar balsamic mustard

with everything they have to offer no visit is complete unless you try one of their country style breads. oh wow! these are by far some of the best breads i have had in my life. as i was looking around the woman who was baking the bread was stocking some fresh and right out of the oven bread. the smell in the air just drives you nuts. the artichoke garlic herb is their best seller and one taste you'll know why. the artichokes are a plenty and the garlic herb flavor is intense. in each loaf you can usually expect up to 4 seasoned and roasted artichoke hearts. no skimping on ingredients with this one. this time i ended up getting 2 loafs of this bread, the pesto artichoke bread, a cinnamon roll and my yummy cinnamon roll english muffins. these are a great change for making some unique french toast for your family and friends.

i'd say i had a great visit and i got out of there for around $20. finally i was able walk out of there with some extra cash in my wallet. the next time i can't really say i can say the same thing.



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